Below is a current list of Christine's workshops and trainings. For questions and to register for the events listed here, please contact the appropriate studio directly.


03.-09. October 2015 AUSGEBUCHT! Prana Flow® Yoga Retreat – bei Interesse sende uns eine Mail an Ibiza
10. October 2015 Prana Flow® Session Bhakti Conference, Munich
19.-25. October 2015 3. Modul Prana Flow® Yoga-Lehrer Affiliate Ausbildung AUSGEBUCHT! 200 Hours Prana Flow ® Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Affiliate Namaste Yogastudio, Mr. Ching
22. November 2015 Prana Flow® Workshop Fabienn Fitness, Ulm
27.-29. November 2015 Prana Flow® Yoga Modul “Embodying the Flow, Part 1 Yoga Carmen, Bern
04. December 2015 Prana Flow Session mit LiveSound & Healing Sound Bath im Anschluss mit Swann” Yoga am Engel, Munich
05. December 2015 Prana Flow® Workshop Charity Event Yogaraum, Ravensburg
12. December 2015 Energetic Vinyasa Masterclasses Yogaplace, Salzburg
22. & 23. January 2016 Prana Flow® Yoga Session Yogaworld, Munich
16. of April 2016 Prana Flow® Yoga Session Yogafestival Ulm
22. & 23. of April 2016 Prana Flow® Yoga Session Bhakti Yoga Summerfestival, Berlin
28.of April-01.May 2016 Prana Flow® Yoga Retreat, Schloss Blumenthal<


“Embrace the flow and allow the prana to guide you . . . . “