Below is a current list of Christine's workshops and trainings. For questions and to register for the events listed here, please contact the appropriate studio directly.


24./25.January 2015 Prana Flow® Yoga Session World of Yoga (formerly Yoga Expo) Munich
20.-22.February 2015 Prana Flow® Yoga Modul “Mandala of Asanas, Part 2″ Yoga Loft Stuttgart
14.-21. March 2015 Recharge Yoga Retreat Marokko mit Stefanie Zimmermann Recharge Yoga Retreat Marokko
20.April-September/Oktober 2015 200 Hours Prana Flow ® Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Affiliate Ammersee
01.-03.May 2015 Prana Flow® Yoga Modul “Mandala of Asanas, Teil 3 Yoga Loft Stuttgart
12.-18. July 2015 Yoga Retreat in Ticino / Miglieglia Ticino
03.-09. October 2015 Prana Flow® Yoga Retreat Ibiza


“Embrace the flow and allow the prana to guide you . . . . “