Prana Flow® Yoga

Prana Flow is an energetic, transforming the form and development of Vinyasa Flow Yoga by Shiva Rea Yogini and fire guardian and the Global Vinyasa Collective based on the teachings of Krishnamacharya and other traditions such as Tantra, Ayurveda und Bhakti Yoga.

Prana, our lifeblood

Prana Flow is based on the concept, that Prana is the source of all life – our lifeblood, our breath, Subtle Energy, which strengthens us, centers and guides. Many ancient cultures around the world have a concept, of this energy as a unifying intelligence, the all-pervasive, describes. Prana in India, Chi in China, Ki in Japan, Mana called it the Kahunas of Hawaii and the Num Kung Bushmen of South Africa.
Through the wave of the breath, the conscious perception and synchronization of breath and movement support Prana Flow, the concept of quantum physics, that matter and energy not separate, but are one and the same are. When we practice yoga we see in the external movement, but in us, there are many processes, which are not visible, but are felt in us and our energy body and experience.

“The only lasting beauty is
the beauty of the heart.”