Chakra Vinyasa

22.-25. November im Yoga Shala Innsbruck.

Prana Flow is a revolutionary advancement of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, which descends from Krisnamacharya's Ashtanga, Iyengar and Viniyoga. Prana Vinyasa Flow is energetic, powerful and lets every movement be filled with Prana (Life Energy & Awareness) ..

Experience an integrative approach to the chakra system in the vinyasa and the flow of life. Through this grounding and inspiring exploration of the chakras and the yogic body, we develop a transformative approach to the mandala of the body – the divine connectedness with our self, experiences, relationships and nature. The module focuses on traditional practices, innovative research, self-reflection and a dynamic vinyasa sadhana in the morning. It integrates specific, creative elements, to teach transforming yoga and to live. Creative flows in the morning, will deliver tangible grounding to the units in the afternoon, devoted to the following elements:

    • Five essential sequences for the Chakras of the Elements, with an energetic approach to asana, pranayama, mudra, Chanting and meditation integrate movement.
    • Learning the teaching of four sun salutations or Namaskars, dedicated to the chakras of the elements, and how they can be integrated into the teaching.
    • Theory and application, to awaken the yogic body of marmas (108 energy points of the body) ,; the nadis (energy channels), the seven major chakras, the five elements and the movement of prana, essential marma points for self-massage and activation during asana practice.

The Chakra Vinyasa Intensive with Christine May will take place from the 22.-25. November 2012 im Yoga Shala Innsbruck statt.
Thursday, 22.11.2012:
Masterclass – Topic: bhumi (Earth)
Chakra Vinyasa Training
Friday, 23.11.2012:
Masterclass – Topic: jala (Water)
Chakra Vinyasa Training
Saturday, 24.11.2012:
Masterclass – Topic: agni (Fire)
Chakra Vinyasa Training
Sunday, 25.11.2012:
Masterclass – Topic: hridaya (Heart)
Chakra Vinyasa Training

Participants in all classes will receive a certificate. The Master Classes can be attended independently of the training. They are suitable for yoga practitioners with experience in Vinyasa Flow and Prana Flow Yoga. I teach this module in German.

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