Prana Flow ® Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Affiliate


More and more students are interested in yoga teacher trainings, because they want to deepen their yoga experience or teach yoga themselves. Christine provides education and training in the Prana Flow® and Vinyasa Yoga at. All of Christine's courses are certified by the Yoga Alliance. Anyone interested in a teacher training, should be aware, that training as a yoga teacher can be very intense and requires dedication and perseverance.

The first 200 Prana Flow® hours Vinyasa yoga teacher training after Shiva Rea in Germany with Christine May – AUSGEBUCHT !!-



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“Open your eyes to a new way of seeing
Open your senses to a new way of perceiving
Open your body to a new way of feeling
Open your soul to a new way of BEING!”

This 200-hour Yoga Alliance Prana Flow® recognized affiliate Vinyasa training is dieBasis, Prana um nach Flow®Vinyasa Shiva Rea to teach.
The training is in 3 Modules in 1-week intensive format in Namaste Yoga Studio take place at the beautiful Lake Ammersee near Munich, and includes all the basic modules of Shiva Rea's Prana Flow® Vinyasa training as well Philos

The first 200 Prana Flow® hours Vinyasa yoga teacher training after Shiva Rea in Germany with Christine May

This 200-hour Yoga Alliance recognized affiliate Prana Vinyasa Flow ® training is the basis, Prana um nach Flow®Vinyasa Shiva Rea to teach.

Learn – Explore – Dive – Transformiere – Zelebriere –

Waxes about yourself beyond

Whether you want to deepen your personal practice, Your life trans-form like it or yoga teachers will want to, We want to support you pass on your way to your personal development, or even your knowledge to others.

In this training we light our fire in the heart, transform fears, learn to navigate the flow both in yoga and in life, find our inner and outer voice and learn to create spaces of Trans-formation for our students.

Prana Vinyasa Flow ® includes an integrated methodology, to dig deeper into all aspects of yoga on physical, immerse mental and spiritual level and to embody yoga. This 200 Hours of training is Yoga Alliance certified and is subject to their high global standards of best quality.

Prana Flow® Vinyasa yoga teacher training modules:

The Prana Flow ® Vinyasa Yoga training is aimed at students, Prana Flow® who wish to teach Yoga by Shiva Rea. The training can also be done in different modules all over the world. All modules taught by Christine are fully accredited for this training, however, a certain number of hours must also be completed with Shiva Rea. This form of training is useful, if you want to design your training schedule flexibly. For more information and registration please visit


Life shrinks and expands according to ones courage.
Anais Nin