200 Hours Prana Flow ® Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Affiliate

The first 200 Hours Prana Flow ® Vinyasa training after Shiva Rea in Germany with Christine May

This 200-hour Yoga Alliance recognized affiliate Prana Vinyasa Flow ® training is the basis, Prana um nach Flow®Vinyasa Shiva Rea to teach.

Learn – Explore – Dive – Transformiere – Zelebriere –

Waxes about yourself beyond

Whether you want to deepen your personal practice, Want to transform your life or yoga teachers will want to, We want to support you pass on your way to your personal development, or even your knowledge to others.

In this training we light our fire in the heart, transform fears, learn to navigate the flow both in yoga and in life, find our inner and outer voice and learn to create spaces of transformation for our students.

Prana Vinyasa Flow ® includes an integrated methodology, to dig deeper into all aspects of yoga on physical, immerse mental and spiritual level and to embody yoga. This 200 Hours of training is Yoga Alliance certified and is subject to their high global standards of best quality.

The training is in 3 Modules in 1-week intensive format on the beautiful lake Ammersee near Munich, im Namaste Yogastudio (www. namaste-yoga.de) take place and contains all the basic modules of Shiva Rea's Prana Flow ® Vinyasa training.


Module 1:

20. to 26. of April, 2015 Monday to Sunday

Module 2:

25. July to 30. July, 2015 Saturday to Thursday

Module 3:

12.October to 18 October 2015 Monday to Sunday

You will immediately inform, as soon as the official notification is possible - there are already so many requests as, the training will fill very quickly!

Christine and her team look forward to you and an incredible inspiring and transformational training :)

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19. – 21. SEPTEMBER 2014

“Mandala OF Asanas, Part 1″ – ESSENTIAL TOOLS FOR TEACHING Prana Flow® Energetic Alignment

Prana Flow ® Yoga is a revolutionary branch of Vinyasa Flow Yoga from my teacher Shiva Rea, which is composed of Krishnamacharya Ashtanga, Iyengar and Viniyoga developed. Prana Flow ist energetisch, kaftvoll and backed every movement with Prana (Life energy and consciousness). http://shivarea.com

In this Prana Flow ® training module you will learn more about the yoga asanas underlying, energetic alignment, which on understanding the movement of prana, based on energy lines and the ratio of solar and lunar aspects in the body. We learn the key actions of the alignment in asanas to apply and teach. We create awareness of the concept of alignment from the inside out, learn about the conscious selection of words and the use of voice, as well as the deeper immersion in hands-on assists and hands-on Enhancements. By mediated methodology, we learn all the students as pick up, where they are. By deliberately steered Prana in the asanas openness created for this vibrant energy in our body and triggers tiny blockages in the energy flow. The body is strengthened and revitalized with the help of breathing into each cell.

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