Yoga Journal Conference – THE MUNICH SESSIONS

10393592_781030801938243_1626818138434814007_nSAVE THE DATE!

31. October – 3. November 2014

I am very pleased at the 02. November (14-16Clock) at the MUNICH SESSIONS the Yoga Journal Conference Germany to be there. An incredible Program with great teachers!!!

EarlyBird tariff until 30.09. 2014!
Info and tickets: It would be nice, to see you there!

Namaste, Christine

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Awakening Shakti – Embodying Shiva! Prana Flow® Yoga Workshops 
im Antaratma Yoga Shala Innsbruck

Awakening Shakti – Embodying Shiva!

christine mayOn Saturday 08. November it is time again: Christine will be two sessions in Antaratma Prana Flow ® Yoga Shala Innsbruck!

In the western world we see the feminine principle as the passive and receptive and the male as the Active and professionals. Not so with the Tantrikas, WO Shiva the meditativen Geist, Peace and serenity and Shakti symbolizes the source of creative force and motion. We all embody the aspects of Shiva and Shakti, which are inseparable and complement each other and nourish. Through Shiva's grace and shakti power we awaken the cosmic forces in us, to lift the veils of illusion. Our yoga practice offers countless opportunities, to balance these forces and get step by step closer to our true authentic self. Jai Shiva Shakti! Continue reading

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